Phone Ke Camera se Selfie Lete Ho To Ye Setting Karo गजब हो जायेगा || 2018-2019


✨ With Everfilter Camera, you can turn your sky into a starry night, a romantic sunset or a rainbow after rain to make your picnic photos look great.

⛅ Everfilter Camera is an incredibly simple new app that turns your photos into painted-looking masterpieces. Do you want to have great picnic photos but the weather is overcast, it is raining, ….. You do not need to worry about that because the application will help you have bright photos full life and a perfect picnic. So don’t let the dreadful weather ruin your travel and outdoor photos.

🌈 Unlike most filter apps, which offer numerous styles and permutations for fancying up your photos, Everfilter Camera basically has one option. When you open the app, you select an image, and the app does its magic. The change you can make is to swap the automatically generated version of that image into a nighttime (sunset) version.

☀ The app works best with outdoor images and landscapes, particularly with regards to where and how it applies cloud cover. If you use an indoor photo, the app may edit clouds in the background if portions are white or overexposed.

☁ Filter automatically identifies sky changes
☁ Multicolor filter
☁ New color filters: Rainbow, Lala night at night, Winter morning
☁ New mode: Preview mode.
☁ Dual camera support
☁ Fixed a bug where it was dark
☁ Fix bugs and optimize
☁ Added new filters

✧ Macaron
✧ Blossom
✧ Lavender
✧ Alp
✧ Rainbow
✧ Wine
☁ New launcher
☁ Increased performance and optimization reduces lag and delay when shooting


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