New Application For WhatsApp 2018 || Hide Chat Name-Hide Name in WhatsApp with 1 Click

We have became addicts to social messaging apps and we can’t leave without them for not even 10 minutes.
All of us always do our chatting in Public Places like Bus Stops, Buses, Trains, Class Rooms, Home, Office etc. But There will be thousands of eyes peeking at your Screen and those people can’t mind their own Business.

Hide Chat Name App is an app which is used to hide the name of the person in Chatting App.

* Instant Guard with Single Tap on the Floating Icon.
* You can Give a fake Name for the Person and People around you will think you are chatting someone else.
* Move the Icon wherever it is feasible and easy for you to use.

For the Working of the app, You need to Provide Draw Over Other App permission.


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