आप सोते रहेंगे WhatsApp खुद मैसेज का जवाब देता रहेगा | By Hindi Tutorials

AutoResponder for Whatsapp

Note: Update WhatsApp messenger apk to the latest version if the bot doesn’t work for you. In case the beta update doesn’t work anymore, please contact me. Doesn’t work with WhatsApp web and tablet apps. Dual/Clone WA apps can work, depending on how they operate. Works with WhatsApp Business.

Notification access: This tool doesn’t directly access WA, it replies to notifications.
Location permission: Possibility to auto reply with current location.

 Auto-reply to WhatsApp
 Individually customizable
 Many tools included
 React to all messages
 Send replies to specific messages
 Live answer replacements (location*, time, name…)
 Welcome message for new chats *
 Multiple replies in one rule *
 Works with contactsgroups and unknown numbers
 Ignore and specify contacts and groups


 Schedule with delay
 AI with (formerly *
 Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is an automation tool) *
 Backup rules for easy recovery
 Not updating your last seen / online status
 Personal agent for your small business
 Many tricks possible with this bot!
 This tool is still in beta, many more features will follow!

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